Battery 2600mAh for HP PAVILION TOUCHSMART 15-N086SL 15-N087NR 15-N088CA

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Venditore: l2m1world2017 (867) 100%, Luogo in cui si trova l'oggetto: Casamassima, Spedizione verso: Worldwide, Numero oggetto: 122354863170 Suriv Srl --> -->Product Description Lithium-ion cells to the Japanese assembled with high-quality lithium-ion battery. It complies with the European Community legislation. It complies with the currently applicable criteria of production and disposal within the European Community. Product CE & RoHs. PLEASE NOTE The battery 10.8V and 11.1V are compatible with each other. The battery 14.4V and 14.8V are compatible with each other. Capacity: 2600mAh Voltage: 14.8V cell technology: Li-ion Number of Cells: 4 Compatible Codes 728460-001 728461-001 752237-001 776622-001 F3B96AA F3B96AA-ABB HSTNN-DB5M HSTNN-IB6R HSTNN-UB5M HSTNN-UB5N HSTNN-Y5BV HSTNN-YB5M J1V00AA LA04 LAO4 LA04041-CL LA04041DF-CL LA04DF TPN-Q129 TPN-Q130 TPN-Q131 TPN-Q132 Compatible Models HP PAVILION 14-N000 14-N000EJ 14-N000SA 14-N000SC 14-N001AX 14-N001TU 14-N001TX 14-N002AX 14-N002TU 14-N002TX 14-N003EJ 14-N003LA 14-N003TX 14-N004AX 14-N004TU 14-N005AX 14-N005LA 14-N005TU 14-N005TX 14-N006AX 14-N007AX 14-N007LA 14-N007TU 14-N008TU 14-N009AX 14-N009LA 14-N009TU 14-N010AX 14-N010BR 14-N010SX 14-N011EX 14-N011SX 14-N012AU 14-N012AX 14-N012EO 14-N013AX 14-N013LA 14-N013TU 14-N014EE 14-N014SE 14-N014TU 14-N015TU 14-N016EO 14-N016TX 14-N017TU 14-N018TU 14-N020BR 14-N020LA 14-N020TU 14-N021LA 14-N021TU 14-N022TX 14-N024TU 14-N024TX 14-N025TX 14-N026LA 14-N027TX 14-N028LA 14-N028TU 14-N028TX 14-N029LA 14-N029TX 14-N030BR 14-N030LA 14-N030TX 14-N031TX 14-N035TX 14-N036LA 14-N036TX 14-N037TX 14-N038TX 14-N040BR 14-N040EF 14-N040TX 14-N041SF 14-N042TU 14-N043TU 14-N044TU 14-N045TU 14-N046TU 14-N047TU 14-N048TU 14-N049TU 14-N050BR 14-N053TU 14-N054TU 14-N055TX 14-N059TX 14-N060TX 14-N061TX 14-N063TX 14-N064CA 14-N065TX 14-N066TX 14-N067TX 14-N073TX 14-N074TX 14-N075TX 14-N076TX 14-N200 14-N200EJ 14-N200SF 14-N201AX 14-N201ST 14-N201TU 14-N201TX 14-N202AX 14-N202LA 14-N202SS 14-N202TX 14-N203LA 14-N203SP 14-N203SX 14-N203TU 14-N204AX 14-N204EJ 14-N204NR 14-N204SP 14-N205AX 14-N206AX 14-N206TX 14-N207AX 14-N207LA 14-N207TX 14-N208AX 14-N208TX 14-N209AX 14-N209LA 14-N210TU 14-N210TX 14-N211SX 14-N211TU 14-N212TU 14-N212TX 14-N213TU 14-N213TX 14-N214TU 14-N214TX 14-N215TU 14-N215TX 14-N216TU 14-N216TX 14-N217TU 14-N217TX 14-N218TU 14-N218TX 14-N219TU 14-N219TX 14-N220LA 14-N220SW 14-N220TU 14-N221TU 14-N222TU 14-N223TU 14-N224TU 14-N224TX 14-N225TU 14-N225TX 14-N226TU 14-N226TX 14-N227TU 14-N227TX 14-N228TU 14-N229TU 14-N230LA 14-N230TU 14-N231TU 14-N231TX 14-N232TU 14-N233TU 14-N233TX 14-N234TU 14-N235TU 14-N235TX 14-N236TU 14-N236TX 14-N237TU 14-N237TX 14-N238TU 14-N238TX 14-N239TU 14-N239TX 14-N240LA 14-N240TU 14-N240TX 14-N241TU 14-N241TX 14-N242TX 14-N243TX 14-N244TX 14-N245TX 14-N246TX 14-N248NF 14-N248TX 14-N249NF 14-N250EO 14-N250TX 14-N251TX 14-N252TX 14-N253TX 14-N254TX 14-N255TX 14-N257TX 14-N258TX 14-N260TX 14-N261TX 14-N262TX 14-N263TX 14-N264TX 14-N265TX 14-N266TX 14-N267TX 14-N268TX 14-N269TX 14-N270TX 14-N271TX 14-N272TX 14-N273TX 14-N274TX 14-N275TX 14-N276TX 14-N277TX 14-N278TX 14-N279TX 14-N280TX 14-N281TX 14-N282TX 14-N283TX 14-N284TX 14-N285TX 14-N286TX 14-N287TX 14-N288TX 14-N289TX 14-N290TX 14-N291TX 14-N292TX 14-N293TX 14-N294TX 14-N295TX 15-N000 15-N000EIA 15-N000EU 15-N000SH 15-N000SIA 15-N000SP 15-N000SQ 15-N000SR 15-N000SS 15-N000SX 15-N001EB 15-N001ED 15-N001EO 15-N001LA 15-N001SB 15-N001SH 15-N001SK 15-N001SM 15-N001SO 15-N001SQ 15-N001SR 15-N001SS 15-N001SU 15-N001SX 15-N001TX 15-N002ED 15-N002EIA 15-N002EJ 15-N002ET 15-N002EU 15-N002LA 15-N002SH 15-N002SIA 15-N002SK 15-N002SM 15-N002SO 15-N002SQ 15-N002SR 15-N002ST 15-N002SU 15-N002SX 15-N002TU 15-N002TX 15-N003EB 15-N003EIA 15-N003EK 15-N003SB 15-N003SC 15-N003SH 15-N003SIA 15-N003SK 15-N003SQ 15-N003SR 15-N003ST 15-N003SX 15-N003TU 15-N003TX 15-N004EH 15-N004EJ 15-N004EU 15-N004SP 15-N004SR 15-N004ST 15-N004SX 15-N004TU 15-N004TX 15-N005EH 15-N005EJ 15-N005EK 15-N005EZ 15-N005SA 15-N005SC 15-N005SG 15-N005SK 15-N005SP 15-N005SR 15-N005SS 15-N005ST 15-N005SX 15-N005TX 15-N006AX 15-N006EK 15-N006SA 15-N006SK 15-N006SM 15-N006SR 15-N006SS 15-N006SV 15-N007AX 15-N007EE 15-N007EG 15-N007EJ 15-N007EP 15-N007EZ 15-N007SE 15-N007SG 15-N007SP 15-N007SR 15-N007SS 15-N007TU 15-N008AU 15-N008AX 15-N008ED 15-N008EK 15-N008EX 15-N008SB 15-N008SC 15-N008SK 15-N008SO 15-N008SR 15-N008SS 15-N008SX 15-N008TU 15-N008TX 15-N009AU 15-N009AX 15-N009ED 15-N009EE 15-N009EK 15-N009EX 15-N009SE 15-N009SR 15-N009SX 15-N009TU 15-N009TX 15-N010AU 15-N010AX 15-N010EK 15-N010EM 15-N010EZ 15-N010SK 15-N010SR 15-N010TU 15-N010TX 15-N010US 15-N011AU 15-N011AX 15-N011EK 15-N011SC 15-N011SK 15-N011SR 15-N011SS 15-N011TU 15-N011TX 15-N012AU 15-N012EG 15-N012NR 15-N012SG 15-N012SQ 15-N012SS 15-N012ST 15-N012TU 15-N012TX 15-N013AU 15-N013AX 15-N013CA 15-N013EE 15-N013EK 15-N013ER 15-N013SA 15-N013SE 15-N013SK 15-N013SQ 15-N013ST 15-N013TX 15-N014AU 15-N014AX 15-N014ED 15-N014EE 15-N014ES 15-N014NR 15-N014SA 15-N014SE 15-N014SK 15-N014SS 15-N014ST 15-N014TU 15-N014TX 15-N015AX 15-N015EE 15-N015ET 15-N015SE 15-N015SO 15-N015ST 15-N015TU 15-N016AX 15-N016EZ 15-N016TU 15-N017AX 15-N017EO 15-N017SG 15-N017SS 15-N017TU 15-N017TX 15-N018AX 15-N018EA 15-N018SA 15-N018SC 15-N018SS 15-N018TU 15-N018TX 15-N019AX 15-N019TU 15-N019TX 15-N019WM 15-N020AX 15-N020CA 15-N020EE 15-N020NR 15-N020SE 15-N020SG 15-N020SIA 15-N020TU 15-N020TX 15-N021EE 15-N021SE 15-N021SF 15-N021SG 15-N021TX 15-N022SX 15-N022TX 15-N023SM 15-N023SY 15-N023TU 15-N024EE 15-N024ES 15-N024SE 15-N024SM 15-N024SS 15-N024TU 15-N024TX 15-N025EB 15-N025EE 15-N025SE 15-N025SW 15-N025SX 15-N025TU 15-N025TX 15-N026EO 15-N026ER 15-N026SA 15-N026SE 15-N026SR 15-N026TU 15-N027EE 15-N027ER 15-N027SE 15-N027SR 15-N027SX 15-N027TX 15-N028EE 15-N028EG 15-N028ER 15-N028SE 15-N028SG 15-N028SR 15-N028TU 15-N028TX 15-N028US 15-N029EE 15-N029ER 15-N029SF 15-N029SG 15-N029SR 15-N029SS 15-N029SX 15-N029SY 15-N029TU 15-N029TX 15-N030CA 15-N030EE 15-N030EZ 15-N030SA 15-N030SE 15-N030SM 15-N030SR 15-N030TX 15-N030US 15-N031EA 15-N031EE 15-N031ER 15-N031SA 15-N031SE 15-N031SF 15-N031SG 15-N031SR 15-N031TX 15-N032EA 15-N032EE 15-N032ER 15-N032SA 15-N032SE 15-N032SF 15-N032SO 15-N032SR 15-N032TX 15-N033CA 15-N033EA 15-N033EG 15-N033ER 15-N033SA 15-N033SR 15-N034CA 15-N034EA 15-N034EE 15-N034ER 15-N034SA 15-N034SE 15-N034SF 15-N034SO 15-N034SR 15-N034TU 15-N035EE 15-N035ER 15-N035SE 15-N035SF 15-N035SO 15-N035SR 15-N035TU 15-N036SF 15-N037EE 15-N037EO 15-N037EZ 15-N037SE 15-N037SF 15-N037SO 15-N037TU 15-N037TX 15-N038EE 15-N038EO 15-N038ER 15-N038SA 15-N038SF 15-N038SO 15-N038SX 15-N038TU 15-N039EA 15-N039SE 15-N039SF 15-N039TU 15-N039TX 15-N040EA 15-N040SE 15-N040SX 15-N040TU 15-N041EA 15-N041EE 15-N041SE 15-N041SF 15-N041SO 15-N042EE 15-N042EF 15-N042SA 15-N042SE 15-N042SX 15-N042TX 15-N043EE 15-N043SE 15-N043SF 15-N043SX 15-N044TX 15-N045EG 15-N045SF 15-N045TU 15-N045TX 15-N046EZ 15-N046SF 15-N046SO 15-N046TX 15-N047EG 15-N047SF 15-N047SO 15-N047TU 15-N047TX 15-N048CA 15-N048EF 15-N048NR 15-N048SR 15-N048SX 15-N048TU 15-N049TU 15-N050EB 15-N050ED 15-N050EG 15-N050EZ 15-N050SC 15-N050SG 15-N050SH 15-N050SQ 15-N050SR 15-N050SS 15-N051EU 15-N051SC 15-N051SH 15-N051SM 15-N051SO 15-N051SR 15-N051SS 15-N051SU 15-N051TX 15-N052ES 15-N052SC 15-N052SH 15-N052SP 15-N052SR 15-N052SS 15-N052TX 15-N053SC 15-N053SR 15-N054ET 15-N054SC 15-N054SF 15-N054SR 15-N054ST 15-N054TX 15-N055EP 15-N055SC 15-N055SM 15-N055SR 15-N055ST 15-N055TX 15-N056EB 15-N056ED 15-N056ER 15-N056EZ 15-N056SC 15-N056SF 15-N056SO 15-N056SR 15-N057EB 15-N057SB 15-N057SC 15-N057SO 15-N057SR 15-N057SS 15-N058SR 15-N058SS 15-N059EE 15-N059SE 15-N059SF 15-N059SR 15-N060CA 15-N060ER 15-N060NR 15-N060SR 15-N061EF 15-N061SR 15-N062SR 15-N063SO 15-N063SR 15-N064NR 15-N064SO 15-N064SR 15-N064SZ 15-N065EZ 15-N065NR 15-N065SB 15-N065SR 15-N065SW 15-N066EZ 15-N066SB 15-N066SO 15-N066SR 15-N066US 15-N067EO 15-N067NR 15-N067SG 15-N067SO 15-N067SR 15-N068SR 15-N069EB 15-N069NR 15-N069SB 15-N069SI 15-N069SO 15-N069SR 15-N070SR 15-N070SW 15-N071SR 15-N072SF 15-N072SG 15-N072SR 15-N072SY 15-N073EG 15-N073EO 15-N073SO 15-N073SR 15-N075ED 15-N075EO 15-N075ER 15-N075SO 15-N076ED 15-N077ED 15-N077EO 15-N077SO 15-N078ED 15-N078ER 15-N078SR 15-N079EO 15-N079ER 15-N079SR 15-N080ER 15-N080SF 15-N080SR 15-N080SW 15-N081ER 15-N081SF 15-N081SR 15-N083EA 15-N083EG 15-N083SA 15-N084CA 15-N084SF 15-N087ER 15-N087EZ 15-N087SR 15-N088EF 15-N088ER 15-N088SR 15-N089ER 15-N089SG 15-N089SR 15-N090ER 15-N090SF 15-N090SG 15-N090SR 15-N091ER 15-N091SR 15-N093ER 15-N093SR 15-N095ER 15-N095SR 15-N096EA 15-N096NR 15-N096SA 15-N096ST 15-N097EA 15-N097EG 15-N097NR 15-N097SA 15-N098EA 15-N098SA 15-N099ED 15-N100 15-N151XX 15-N200 15-N200EB 15-N200ED 15-N200EJ 15-N200NR 15-N200NX 15-N200SB 15-N200SC 15-N200SF 15-N200SH 15-N200SI 15-N200SIA 15-N200SK 15-N200SS 15-N200ST 15-N201AX 15-N201EE 15-N201EO 15-N201NR 15-N201SA 15-N201SE 15-N201SK 15-N201SO 15-N201SR 15-N201SS 15-N201ST 15-N201SX 15-N202AU 15-N202EE 15-N202EJ 15-N202EO 15-N202NR 15-N202NX 15-N202SE 15-N202SF 15-N202SIA 15-N202SP 15-N202SR 15-N202SX 15-N203AU 15-N203AX 15-N203ED 15-N203EE 15-N203EX 15-N203NF 15-N203NR 15-N203NX 15-N203SA 15-N203SE 15-N203SH 15-N203SK 15-N203SR 15-N203ST 15-N203SX 15-N203TU 15-N203TX 15-N204AU 15-N204EJ 15-N204EO 15-N204ES 15-N204EX 15-N204NR 15-N204SA 15-N204SB 15-N204SC 15-N204SK 15-N204SR 15-N204ST 15-N204SX 15-N204TU 15-N204TX 15-N205EB 15-N205EH 15-N205EJ 15-N205NR 15-N205SA 15-N205SB 15-N205SC 15-N205SF 15-N205SIA 15-N205SK 15-N205SR 15-N205SS 15-N205ST 15-N205SV 15-N205SX 15-N205TU 15-N205TX 15-N206AX 15-N206EO 15-N206NR 15-N206SA 15-N206SC 15-N206SF 15-N206SK 15-N206SO 15-N206SP 15-N206SR 15-N206ST 15-N206SX 15-N206TX 15-N207AU 15-N207AX 15-N207EO 15-N207ER 15-N207EZ 15-N207NR 15-N207SC 15-N207SF 15-N207SG 15-N207SO 15-N207SR 15-N207ST 15-N207SY 15-N207TU 15-N208AU 15-N208EIA 15-N208ES 15-N208NR 15-N208SA 15-N208SIA 15-N208SK 15-N208SR 15-N208ST 15-N208TU 15-N208TX 15-N209AU 15-N209AX 15-N209EIA 15-N209EJ 15-N209ER 15-N209NR 15-N209SA 15-N209SF 15-N209SIA 15-N209SK 15-N209SO 15-N209SR 15-N209TX 15-N210AX 15-N210EB 15-N210ED 15-N210EE 15-N210EIA 15-N210EO 15-N210ES 15-N210EZ 15-N210NR 15-N210SB 15-N210SE 15-N210SF 15-N210SIA 15-N210SO 15-N210SR 15-N210ST 15-N210SY 15-N210TU 15-N210TX 15-N210US 15-N211AX 15-N211DX 15-N211EE 15-N211EO 15-N211ND 15-N211NR 15-N211SE 15-N211SF 15-N211SG 15-N211SO 15-N211SR 15-N211SV 15-N211TU 15-N211TX 15-N212AU 15-N212AX 15-N212ER 15-N212NR 15-N212SF 15-N212SG 15-N212SIA 15-N212SK 15-N212SR 15-N212SV 15-N212TU 15-N212TX 15-N213AU 15-N213AX 15-N213CA 15-N213ED 15-N213EG 15-N213EO 15-N213NR 15-N213SG 15-N213SIA 15-N213SO 15-N213SX 15-N213TU 15-N213TX 15-N214AX 15-N214EO 15-N214ES 15-N214NF 15-N214NR 15-N214SI 15-N214SO 15-N214SR 15-N214SX 15-N214TU 15-N214TX 15-N215AX 15-N215ED 15-N215EE 15-N215EZ 15-N215NR 15-N215SE 15-N215SF 15-N215SI 15-N215SK 15-N215SR 15-N215SX 15-N215TU 15-N215TX 15-N216AX 15-N216EE 15-N216EO 15-N216EZ 15-N216NR 15-N216SE 15-N216SF 15-N216SK 15-N216SO 15-N216ST 15-N216TU 15-N217AX 15-N217EO 15-N217NF 15-N217SA 15-N217SO 15-N217SX 15-N217TU 15-N218AX 15-N218EO 15-N218ES 15-N218SO 15-N218SX 15-N218TX 15-N219AX 15-N219EO 15-N219NR 15-N219SA 15-N219SF 15-N219SK 15-N219TX 15-N220AX 15-N220CA 15-N220EE 15-N220NR 15-N220SA 15-N220SE 15-N220SF 15-N220SK 15-N220SQ 15-N220TX 15-N221EE 15-N221EF 15-N221ER 15-N221SA 15-N221SE 15-N221SK 15-N221SO 15-N221SR 15-N221SV 15-N221TX 15-N222EA 15-N222SA 15-N222SM 15-N222SO 15-N222SZ 15-N222TU 15-N222TX 15-N223EO 15-N223ER 15-N223SA 15-N223SR 15-N223TU 15-N223TX 15-N224EG 15-N224SA 15-N224SG 15-N224TU 15-N225EE 15-N225ER 15-N225SE 15-N225SF 15-N225SO 15-N225SR 15-N225SW 15-N225TU 15-N225TX 15-N226EZ 15-N226SF 15-N226TU 15-N227NR 15-N227SF 15-N227TU 15-N228EO 15-N228ER 15-N228NR 15-N228SO 15-N228SR 15-N228TU 15-N228TX 15-N228US 15-N229EO 15-N229ER 15-N229NR 15-N229SA 15-N229SO 15-N229SR 15-N229SS 15-N229TU 15-N229TX 15-N230EE 15-N230ER 15-N230EZ 15-N230NR 15-N230SE 15-N230SR 15-N230SS 15-N230SW 15-N230TU 15-N230US 15-N231EE 15-N231ER 15-N231SE 15-N231SR 15-N232EE 15-N232ER 15-N232SE 15-N232SF 15-N233CA 15-N233SF 15-N233SR 15-N233TU 15-N234SA 15-N234TU 15-N234TX 15-N235EE 15-N235SA 15-N235SE 15-N235TU 15-N235TX 15-N236EZ 15-N236SE 15-N236SF 15-N236TU 15-N236TX 15-N237NR 15-N237SE 15-N237SF 15-N237TU 15-N237TX 15-N238EZ 15-N238NF 15-N238TU 15-N238TX 15-N239CA 15-N239NR 15-N239TU 15-N240EE 15-N240EO 15-N240NF 15-N240NR 15-N240SA 15-N240SE 15-N240SO 15-N240SX 15-N240TU 15-N240TX 15-N241EE 15-N241NF 15-N241NR 15-N241SE 15-N241TU 15-N241TX 15-N242EE 15-N242NR 15-N242SE 15-N242TU 15-N242TX 15-N243CL 15-N243EO 15-N243SA 15-N243SO 15-N243SX 15-N243TX 15-N244EO 15-N244EZ 15-N244SA 15-N244SO 15-N244TX 15-N245EE 15-N245NR 15-N245SA 15-N245SE 15-N245TX 15-N246EE 15-N246SA 15-N246SE 15-N246TX 15-N247EE 15-N247NF 15-N247SA 15-N247SE 15-N247TX 15-N248SA 15-N248TX 15-N249NR 15-N249TX 15-N250CA 15-N250EB 15-N250EU 15-N250EZ 15-N250NF 15-N250NR 15-N250SB 15-N250SE 15-N250SH 15-N250SIA 15-N250SK 15-N250SP 15-N250SR 15-N250SU 15-N250SY 15-N250TX 15-N251EO 15-N251EP 15-N251NR 15-N251SQ 15-N251SR 15-N251SS 15-N251SU 15-N251TX 15-N252NR 15-N252SC 15-N252SG 15-N252SQ 15-N252SS 15-N252SU 15-N252SV 15-N252SY 15-N252TX 15-N253ES 15-N253NF 15-N253NR 15-N253SR 15-N253SV 15-N253TX 15-N254ER 15-N254NR 15-N254SC 15-N254SQ 15-N254SR 15-N254TX 15-N255EB 15-N255NR 15-N255SA 15-N255SB 15-N255SC 15-N255SR 15-N255TX 15-N256SC 15-N256TX 15-N257EO 15-N257NR 15-N257SO 15-N257SR 15-N257TX 15-N258NR 15-N258SR 15-N258SS 15-N258ST 15-N258TX 15-N259NR 15-N259SE 15-N259SR 15-N259TX 15-N260EE 15-N260NR 15-N260SE 15-N260SR 15-N260TX 15-N261EO 15-N261ER 15-N261NR 15-N261SA 15-N261SR 15-N261ST 15-N261TX 15-N262EZ 15-N262SR 15-N262SS 15-N263EO 15-N263ES 15-N263NR 15-N263SC 15-N263SO 15-N263SR 15-N264NF 15-N264SC 15-N264SE 15-N264SS 15-N265EO 15-N265NF 15-N265SA 15-N265SM 15-N265SS 15-N265ST 15-N266EA 15-N266EZ 15-N266SA 15-N266SG 15-N266SM 15-N266SR 15-N266SS 15-N266TX 15-N267EA 15-N267EO 15-N267SA 15-N267SG 15-N267SO 15-N267SR 15-N267TX 15-N268EA 15-N268EO 15-N268ER 15-N268SA 15-N268SC 15-N268SR 15-N268TX 15-N269EB 15-N269EO 15-N269ER 15-N269SB 15-N269SI 15-N269SR 15-N269TX 15-N270EA 15-N270SA 15-N270TX 15-N271EA 15-N271NF 15-N271SE 15-N272SR 15-N272TX 15-N273EG 15-N273NF 15-N273SR 15-N273TX 15-N274EO 15-N274NF 15-N274SA 15-N274SR 15-N274TX 15-N275ER 15-N275EZ 15-N275SR 15-N275TX 15-N276EA 15-N276EZ 15-N276NF 15-N276SA 15-N276SR 15-N276TX 15-N277EO 15-N277ND 15-N277SR 15-N277TX 15-N278EA 15-N278ER 15-N278NF 15-N278SA 15-N278SR 15-N278TX 15-N279TX 15-N280NR 15-N280SW 15-N280TX 15-N281TX 15-N282NR 15-N282TX 15-N283NF 15-N283SG 15-N283TX 15-N284CA 15-N284EG 15-N284TX 15-N285EO 15-N285SG 15-N285SO 15-N285ST 15-N285TX 15-N286NF 15-N286SG 15-N286ST 15-N286TX 15-N287EZ 15-N287TX 15-N288ER 15-N288NR 15-N288SR 15-N288TX 15-N289ER 15-N289NF 15-N289NR 15-N289TX 15-N290EA 15-N290ER 15-N290NR 15-N290SA 15-N290SR 15-N290ST 15-N290TX 15-N291ER 15-N291NR 15-N291SR 15-N291TX 15-N292NR 15-N292SR 15-N292TX 15-N293NR 15-N293SR 15-N293TX 15-N294NR 15-N294TX 15-N295ER 15-N295TX 15-N296NR 15-N296TX 15-N297EA 15-N297EO 15-N297NR 15-N297SA 15-N297TX 15-N298EA 15-N298NR 15-N298SA 15-N298TX 15-N299EA 15-N299NR 15-N299SA 15-N299TX 15-N300 15-N300TX 15-N301TX 15-N302TX 15-N304TX 15-N305TX 15-N306TX 15-N308TX HP PAVILION TOUCHSMART 14-N000 14-N001ST 14-N003AX 14-N003EIA 14-N003EK 14-N003SIA 14-N003SK 14-N004EIA 14-N004EJ 14-N004EK 14-N004SIA 14-N004SK 14-N006SA 14-N007EJ 14-N008SA 14-N009SA 14-N010SC 14-N011AU 14-N011AX 14-N011TX 14-N014NR 14-N018US 14-N019NR 14-N022SIA 14-N022TU 14-N023SIA 14-N023TU 14-N025TU 14-N026TU 14-N026TX 14-N027TU 14-N028CA 14-N039TU 14-N039TX 14-N040TU 14-N047CA 14-N048CA 14-N048TX 14-N049TX 14-N050TX 14-N053TX 14-N054TX 14-N055EA 14-N055SA 14-N056EA 14-N056SA 14-N064TX 14-N073CA 14-N100 14-N151XX 14-N200 14-N200SIA 14-N201EE 14-N201SE 14-N201SF 14-N202EE 14-N202SE 14-N203TX 14-N204SA 14-N204SF 14-N204TX 14-N205TX 14-N206SA 14-N209EJ 14-N218US 14-N221EA 14-N222TX 14-N223TX 14-N228CA 14-N228TX 14-N229LA 14-N229TX 14-N230TX 14-N232TX 14-N234TX 14-N242NF 14-N242TU 14-N243TU 14-N247TX 14-N248CA 14-N249TX 14-N256TX 14-N259TX 14-N296TX 14-N297TX 14Z-N100 14Z-N200 15-N000 15-N001AU 15-N002AU 15-N003AU 15-N004AU 15-N005AU 15-N005AX 15-N005TU 15-N006AU 15-N006ED 15-N006SL 15-N006TU 15-N007AU 15-N007TX 15-N009EO 15-N010EO 15-N010SG 15-N010SL 15-N011EL 15-N011NR 15-N012AX 15-N013DX 15-N013TU 15-N015SL 15-N015TX 15-N016TX 15-N018SO 15-N019EA 15-N019EO 15-N019SA 15-N020EF 15-N020EL 15-N020SL 15-N020SO 15-N020SS 15-N020US 15-N021SS 15-N021TU 15-N022SA 15-N022SO 15-N022TU 15-N023CL 15-N023EE 15-N023EL 15-N023ES 15-N023SA 15-N023SE 15-N023SL 15-N023SS 15-N023TX 15-N024NR 15-N024SA 15-N025EL 15-N025EO 15-N025SA 15-N025SG 15-N025SL 15-N026SL 15-N026SS 15-N026TX 15-N027SA 15-N027SL 15-N028SS 15-N029EO 15-N029SO 15-N030SO 15-N030TU 15-N031TU 15-N033EL 15-N033SL 15-N033TX 15-N034NR 15-N034TX 15-N035TX 15-N036TX 15-N037CL 15-N040CA 15-N040US 15-N041CA 15-N042SL 15-N043SL 15-N044NR 15-N044TU 15-N046SL 15-N046US 15-N047CL 15-N048SL 15-N049SL 15-N049SO 15-N050EL 15-N050SF 15-N050SL 15-N052SL 15-N053EL 15-N053SF 15-N053SL 15-N054SV 15-N055EZ 15-N057SL 15-N058ED 15-N060SF 15-N060SS 15-N061NR 15-N061SS 15-N062NR 15-N062SF 15-N062SL 15-N063SF 15-N063SL 15-N064SF 15-N065EA 15-N065SA 15-N066SL 15-N067CA 15-N067SL 15-N068EL 15-N068NR 15-N068SL 15-N070EA 15-N070SA 15-N071NR 15-N071SF 15-N071SL 15-N073SL 15-N077SL 15-N078SL 15-N080CA 15-N080EL 15-N082SF 15-N082SL 15-N084SL 15-N085ED 15-N086SL 15-N087NR 15-N088CA 15-N088NR 15-N088SZ 15-N089NR 15-N090EA 15-N090NR 15-N090SA 15-N091NR 15-N092EL 15-N092NR 15-N093EL 15-N093NR 15-N094EL 15-N094NR 15-N095EL 15-N096EL 15-N097EL 15-N098EL 15-N098NR 15-N099EL 15-N200 15-N200EA 15-N200EE 15-N200SA 15-N200SE 15-N201TU 15-N204AX 15-N204ED 15-N205AX 15-N206SL 15-N206TU 15-N207CL 15-N207EA 15-N207SA 15-N207SL 15-N208AX 15-N208SF 15-N209ED 15-N209TU 15-N210AU 15-N210DX 15-N211AU 15-N211SK 15-N212ED 15-N212SI 15-N212SL 15-N213SI 15-N213SK 15-N213SL 15-N215EO 15-N215SO 15-N216TX 15-N216US 15-N217NR 15-N217TX 15-N218NR 15-N218TU 15-N219SL 15-N219TU 15-N220SS 15-N220TU 15-N220US 15-N221NR 15-N221TU 15-N222NF 15-N222NR 15-N223NR 15-N223SF 15-N223SL 15-N224TX 15-N225NR 15-N226NR 15-N226TX 15-N227EO 15-N228SL 15-N228SS 15-N229NF 15-N230CA 15-N230SA 15-N230SF 15-N230SL 15-N230TX 15-N231SF 15-N231SL 15-N231TU 15-N231TX 15-N232NR 15-N232SA 15-N232TU 15-N232TX 15-N233SL 15-N233TX 15-N234EG 15-N234SL 15-N235NR 15-N235SL 15-N236NR 15-N236SL 15-N237EZ 15-N238NR 15-N239SL 15-N240CA 15-N240SL 15-N240US 15-N241CA 15-N241SL 15-N243EL 15-N243NR 15-N243SL 15-N244NR 15-N244SL 15-N246SL 15-N246US 15-N247NR 15-N247SL 15-N248NR 15-N248SL 15-N249SL 15-N250SV 15-N251EL 15-N251SA 15-N252SA 15-N253SA 15-N253SL 15-N256SA 15-N256SB 15-N257SL 15-N259EG 15-N259SG 15-N259SL 15-N260SS 15-N260US 15-N261SS 15-N262NR 15-N262SL 15-N262TX 15-N263SA 15-N263TX 15-N264EL 15-N264NR 15-N264TX 15-N265NR 15-N265TX 15-N266NR 15-N267CA 15-N267EI 15-N267EL 15-N267NF 15-N267NR 15-N267SI 15-N268NR 15-N268SL 15-N269NR 15-N270NR 15-N270SG 15-N271NR 15-N271TX 15-N272NR 15-N273EA 15-N273SA 15-N274CA 15-N277NR 15-N278NR 15-N279NR 15-N280CA 15-N280US 15-N281EA 15-N281NR 15-N282NF 15-N283NR 15-N284NR 15-N284SO 15-N285NR 15-N286NR 15-N287CL 15-N287NR 15-N288CA 15-N288NF 15-N293CL 15-N300 15-N303TX 14-N090SF 15T-N100 15T-N200 15Z-N100 15Z-N200 HP PAVILION TOUCHSMART ULTRABOOK 14-N000 14-N002EX 14-N002SX 14-N005EO 14-N005SS 14-N006ES 14-N006SS 14-N012EX 14-N013SA 14-N019EE 14-N019EJ 14-N019SE 14-N020ED 14-N020EE 14-N020SE 14-N030ED 14-N032TX 14-N033TX 14-N034TX 14-N041TX 14-N042TX 14-N044TX 14-N050SF 14-N052SF 14-N053EF 14-N054EF 14-N060SF 14-N072TX 14-N200 14-N203SE 14-N204SE 14-N205SF 14-N206EJ 14-N206SF 14-N206SS 14-N209EX 14-N212EX 14-N220ED 14-N230ED 14-N255EO ULTRABOOK TOUCH 14-N000 14-N060BR 14-N070BR Speditions The delivery is made by authorized courier. The customer has the option to choose the delivery to another address. It is sufficient to indicate the new address in the order. you can not pick hand goods paid with Paypal. In Italy Shipping: Other courier 1-2 days Handling time: 1 days Costi: SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA --> In the European Union: Standard International Shipping Cost first article: 15 Supplement additional item: 5 In Paesi Extra UE Costo di spedizione: GRATUITO Spedizione in 4-8 giorni Costo spedizione: 19.00€ --> At the time of departure of your order you will receive an email with the tracking number of the shipment that will allow you to monitor the status of the shipment directly on the courier's website. In the event that there was no one at the time of the first delivery, the courier will leave a notice of passage. This paper indicates when the courier has passed and precise that will try again to pass in the next 48 hours. If the second time there will be nobody in the house, the customer will be contacted by the courier to arrange a delivery time. Payment methods PAYPAL-CREDIT/DEBIT/PREPAID CARDS The PayPal payment method is offered in our listing. The buyer may pay for simply following the eBay checkout process, by clicking on the "pay now" you will find in your confirmation of purchase. You can use all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) included prepaid cards Visa Electron. You do not need to register a new Paypal account.. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can pay directly with your credit card, debit card or prepaid always choosing method of payment Paypal and clicking "don't have a Paypal account?" on the payment screen. BANK TRANSFER You can pay by bank transfer from any bank or on-line home banking service, at our bank that will appear once you complete the payment form. After purchasing you must send an e-mail to, stating the payment details (CRO). The order will be confirmed as soon as the amount is credited to our account. Conditions of Sale Obvious defects and transport damage Obvious quality defects the buyer has to give notice of defects immediately. Obvious damage caused during transport, the carrier must be informed immediately (subject to acceptance of the goods) .If the customer is a consumer, its warranty and lawyers made remain unaffected in the event of failure of the complaint reporting above. --> Returns and warranty MADE By purchasing from our store we accept in full the terms and conditions of sale. Right of withdrawal: money back guarantee To exercise the right of withdrawal you must return, within 30 days of receipt of the goods, the items for which you wish to exercise this right. The costs of returning the product are the sole responsibility of the customer. The right of withdrawal is lost if the product is not returned intact, namely: In the absence of the original In the absence of elements forming an integral part of the product (accessories, cables, instruction manual, etc) In case of damage of the product for reasons other than transportation. 6/12 MONTHS WARRANTY All products are covered by warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Will be determined by the date shown on the receipt or invoice sent to you through e-mail. The exceptions are products subject to wear such as batteries and power supplies, which are covered by the guarantee of good operation under Article 1512 of the civil code, which lasts 6 months from date of purchase. Proof of purchase is essential to take advantage of the guarantee. Obvious defects must be reported by the customer in accordance with legislative decree 206 of 2005, art. 132. The warranty is void if the product is not returned intact, namely: In the absence of the original In the absence of elements forming an integral part of the product (accessories, cables, instruction manual, etc) In case of damage of the product for reasons other than transportation. About us L2M1 is an Italian brand founded in 2017 with the purpose to market the highest performing compatible Li-ion batteries for notebook, smartphone, power tools and photo/video cameras, with an excellent quality/price ratio and the widest range of compatibility. This is why we select only the most reliable suppliers who offer us a safe product, CE/RoHs certified, and manufactured with high quality Li-ion Japanese cells. But on L2M1 you will find much more: accessories for mobile phones and cameras, GPS accessories as well as an assortment of compatible accessories action cam. Our primary business is conducted online, but without neglecting the importance of contact with the customer, who can rely on phone support, e-mail or directly in our headquarters at il Baricentro, Casamassima (Bari), with any questions about the products and services we offer. The wide flexibility of supply enables us to continually update products in stock, so that every month are available new items, always arouse more curiosity customer. Another strong point is the guarantee to deliver the products throughout Italy within 24-48 hours from the time of payment, thanks to the most modern storage systems and cutting-edge logistics. The buyer can then touch the goods after only a few hours of purchase! IL TUO FEEDBACK E' MOLTO IMPORTANTE Ebay mette a disposizione dell'acquirente un sistema di valutazione dettagliata del venditore nel rilascio del feedback. Lasciarci un feedback 100% positivo ci aiuta a crescere e a fornire un servizio sempre migliore e professionale. Grazie . --> ALWAYS LEAVE POSITIVE FEEDBACK AND YOU WILL NOW RECIPROCATED DESCRIPTION................. COMMUNICATION........... SHIPPING TIMES............. SHIPPING COST............... Never leave a negative or neutral feedback! If you have a problem CONTACT US NOW! Together we will solve the problem! Suriv Srl - All rights reserved. Designed and powered by BeeCart Condition: Nuovo, Marca: Senza Marca/Generico, MPN: LA04, Garanzia produttore: 6 mesi Insights Esclusivo
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